The Life Break Through Masterclass

A masterclass to help you strengthen your strategies and manage your life’s state so that you can help others do the same.

The ACT Program

The ACT Training Program: With this Completely Transformative program, you will accomplish your goal of fitting into the role of a Life Coach.

Train the Trainer

If you are excited about the prospect of helping people accomplish what they’ve always dreamed of in life, then check out this program.

Communication Skills

This program where I cover a range of activities for the students to improve their efficiency while effectively communicating with their peers.

Life Coaching

One-on-one sessions where I use an individualized approach tailored to focus on resolving the issues you might be dealing with in your life.

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About Prerna Dua

My journey towards becoming a psychologist, NLP practitioner, and Life coach started later, but the seeds to becoming who I am today were sown throughout my life.

When I was in 5th standard, which would make me a 10-year-old, I used to be pretty average in studies. Scoring average marks without even trying my best was the norm for me. I didn’t think much of it then. One day, when we were out for a walk, my father bridged asked some casual questions, then gradually, he went on to ask, “Prerna, why don’t you aim for coming first in your class?” That was a pretty big thing for me because I had never been questioned about my abilities and intent to go for the win.

It makes me joyous to scale my experience and train as many people as I can so that more people can get the help they want.

I realized that I alone can only help so many people, so I started training people through my ACT training program.

Working with people from different walks of life, I provided them with the tools necessary to tackle the career and life dilemmas they might face at different stages in their lives.

Later, I laid the foundations of Heal and Rise, an organization with the sole aim of imparting soft skills to people and training them to succeed in their lives.

The seeds to becoming who I am today were sown throughout my life.

I started guiding people how they could towards their passion. I was aware of the importance of having a mentor early in one's life.

When I was in 5th standard and pretty average in studies, my father asked why I was not even aiming to get good grades, which was a pretty big deal.

But that day opened me to the world of psychology. I wanted to use words and create a lasting positive impact in people's lives, just like my father had done with me.

I knew I had to explore more of this world, so I worked to reach a place where I could do exactly that, the Delhi University.

Initially I strayed from working in the field of psychology and went on to work as a Business Development Manager..

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A single masterclass where you learn the ins and outs of Life Coaching

This masterclass would help you strengthen your personal strategies and manage your life’s state, and then help others do the same. In this journey you will learn how to fulfil your dreams and thrive in different areas of life, and how to help others fulfil their career and life goals.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, this is an opportunity waiting for you to grab it.

Maybe you don’t like to see people unhappy. Or you want people to live the life that they want and get the things they desire. You want to help people break people’s limiting beliefs.

So come and get your breakthrough. Discover what it is that’s been holding you back so that you can start planning on changing your life, and the lives of others, for the better.

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