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Prerna Dua

My Journey

My journey towards becoming a psychologist, NLP practitioner, and Life coach started later, but the seeds to becoming who I am today were sown throughout my life.

When I was in 5th standard, which would make me a 10-year-old, I used to be pretty average in studies. Scoring average marks without even trying my best was the norm for me. I didn’t think much of it then. One day, when we were out for a walk, my father bridged asked some casual questions, then gradually, he went on to ask, “Prerna, why don’t you aim for coming first in your class?” That was a pretty big thing for me because I had never been questioned about my abilities and intent to go for the win.
After conversing with him for a while, I learned that day the potential my father saw in me, and how he was trying to make me as capable as I could be. I resolved to always aim for the win from then on.

That was the first time I encountered what power the mind has over the body, over life, and destiny. It was my opening to the world of psychology, to use words and create a lasting positive impact in people’s lives. I started taking control of my life. That did not merely affect my academics, where now I usually scored well but trickled down to other spheres of my life. I was now high on confidence. I also had tons of friends was starting to plan what my future would hold for me. My actions affected me by giving me more confidence, which helped me make better and more confidence-inducing decisions. It was a loop of success.

Looking at the changes I had brought in my own life I was also quite curious about other things. I was curious how people, emotions, behaviors, and personalities work. I knew I had to explore more of this world, so I worked to reach a place where I could do exactly that – the Delhi University. I studied psychology there and later went on to do my Masters in Organizational Behavior Psychology. With my dream of helping people make something of their lives, I later undertook a Diploma in Guidance and Counselling. I still take time to learn new things which come in handy during my interactions with my clients, taking certifications from AIIMS, Indian Leadership Academy, and other institutions in a variety of domains. I accomplished all of this because I wanted to work towards helping other people carve success in their lives. Though I wouldn’t be honest if I told you that I never veered from the path I had chosen. Maybe it happened because of the lack of mentorship I had early in my life, but I strayed from working in the field of psychology and went on to work as a Business Development Manager. Working in the field gave me immense experience which I frequently get to use with my corporate clients.

Nevertheless, it was due to this accident that I started working as a career counselor. I used to guide people on working towards their passion, as I was aware of the importance of having a mentor early in one’s life. Later, I laid the foundation of Heal and Rise, an organization with the sole aim of imparting soft skills to people and training them to succeed in their lives. The organization started growing with increased branches. My expertise in psychology helped me give back to society in the form of professional counseling and life coaching services. The organization now caters to people of all age groups, helping them navigate the maze of life. Our foundation, based in Delhi, has branches across India. We equipped people from India, Australia, The Americas, and many other regions with tools and strategies to succeed in their lives. Our community also has ties with various NGOs and has branches in the healthcare sector as well.

I was working with people from different walks of life, ultimately providing them with the tools necessary to tackle the career and life dilemmas they might face at different stages in their personal, professional, and social lives. I met and learned from various personalities, including the likes of Vivek Bindra, Ram Verma, PS Rathore, and worked with a large no of organizations whose names I can’t disclose due to confidentiality. I also had the privilege of working with several clients and premium people.

The ups and downs in my life, the experiences, the large number of people I met, and the various organizations I worked with have over time helped me gain clarity about the factors which contribute to success in various domains of people’s lives, and how I can help people increase their value.

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